Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


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Procedure Description


What To Expect

This is a 10 minute ultrasound test of the wrist and finger that is used to determine one's bone strength and risk of fracture. The procedure painless and radiation free, and is FDA approved. Cost $79.


What To Expect



DR. Reynes is available for group lectures health fairs or corporate wellness programs.

Topics include:

Your Roadmap to Optimal Health

Women's Hormones and the use of Bio-identical Hormones

Are you at risk for Diabetes

Alternative concepts in Breast Health

Change your Diet, not your Meds.

Other topics available on request.

Upcoming Lecture Schedule:

Pick one of two lecture dates: October 7th or 12th, 2009 7:00pm

Integrative Therapies Wellness Center

"Wellness Detox"

Featuring Dr. Carlos Reynes

Come learn about a comprehensive 6 week detox program. Learn what it means to be toxic, how toxins effect you and how to rid you body of toxins. This lecture is $7.00 and open to the public. RSVP required. Please contact 708.771.3471 or to register.


A Healthier You Starting Now! Detoxification Makes The Difference

Not one of us is immune to environmental toxins. Almost everyone can benefit from a safe detox -- one of the best ways to remain healthy in a destructive environment. A safe detox program aims to remove the cause of disease before it makes us ill. It's a time-honored way to keep immune response high, elimination regular, circulation sound, and stress under control, so your body can handle the toxicity it encounters.

The SOLO'S carbon surround technology is pure organic black carbon that is cut into pliable sheets. After that electrical heater wiring is added resulting in carbon heater sheets that cover the entire surface area of the domes, totally surrounding your body, ensuring broadrange, even heat distribution. Since the human body consists mostly of carbon, the frequency at which it receives far-infrared heat is perfectly compatible with Solo's heaters resulting in improved benefits.

GREATER PERFORMANCE In addition to the pure carbon heaters, a ceramic laced cloth enhances far-infrared emissions, allowing for an even deeper penetration of heat and improved health benefits. Your detox program will include dietary changes, a combination of herbs and vitamins which assist the liver in detoxification and use of an infrared sauna.

Call a staff member for our discounted package prices!


Pulsed magnetic fields have already been in use in Europe for at least 30 years. What has been found with the ongoing use of pulsed magnetic fields to the body is an induction of electrons, which creates a natural resonance that the body and its cells recognize and work to maintain. Based on extensive research, this new health concept is now being introduced into the United States and Canada with a new home health appliance called Magnopro.

Questions abound with the introduction of this novel health technology that consists of a full body mattress, a small pillow and control panel that is plugged into a wall socket.

"How do pulsed magnetic fields work?" The human body is electro-magnetic in nature. We all know the brain and nervous system are electrical. By adding a balancing charge to your cells, your lifestyle improves because your cells are calibrated. Thus, with continued use you will find you feel more vital because your cells are better utilizing the water, food and air you take in. Increased elimination of waste byproducts also occur.

"I want to see real improvement with stress relief. How soon will I see results and what changes might I expect to see?" Some people see immediate relaxation, deepened and clearer breathing, relief from discomfort of one type or another, and better sleep that night. Some people need a few days to a few weeks to feel more energy, have body aches go away and see an improvement in their sleep.

"Is the Magnopro like a massage and does it affect my muscles?" Pulsed magnetic fields are similar to a massage in that they do increase blood flow and relax muscles. The results of pulsed magnetic fields are more profound since electro-magnetic balancing occurs in the body's cells.

"Can you feel pulsing while lying on the mat?" No, the magnetic field is so gentle and low that most people cannot detect it. "How much time each day do I use the Magnopro? Do I sleep on it?" No, you do not sleep on the Magnopro. One fifteen-minute treatment upon rising or after work is all you need. For best results, using the Magnopro again before bedtime will assist in sleep and regenerating a tired stressed body.

"I am a busy person and have a full schedule. How will I fit using the Magnopro into my daily routine?" Use the Magnopro on a bed or in a chair while watching TV, opening the mail, talking on the phone, holding a loved-one, reading, filing your nails or simply relaxing!

"Are there any contraindications?" People with severe mycosis or epilepsy should consult a doctor before use. It is not recommended for use by pregnant women or by people with heart pacemakers.

"Is this product safe?" Yes, it can be used safely on children, animals and adults of all ages. Pulsed magnetic fields are noninvasive and nontoxic, which makes them ideal for gradual body rebalancing.

"Will I experience any side effects?" There are no undesirable side effects. If a dull headache, increased thirst, slight fatigue and achy muscles are initially experienced, persist with increased water intake. These symptoms will clear when toxics have released from the body.

"Would using Magnopro lower my overall health care costs?" Yes, ongoing lifetime use of pulsed magnetic fields lowers stress levels in the body. This can prevent disease before it starts. Taking this kind of preventative approach will lower health care costs overall by reducing the need for more costly treatments such as medication or surgery.

Pulsed magnetic fields will continue to be the choice of educated consumers as a new approach to "Pure Prevention" in health care. Now, optimizing your lifestyle only takes 15 minutes of whole body relief using the Magnopro.

Use of the MagnoPro haS been proven safe and effective in Europe and Australia. As yet, no medical claims are made or implied concerning use or application in the USA.


Now you can buy Metagenics supplements online at


Join the Wellness Club Discount Card Program. $35 enrollment and $25/month Recieve 10% off supplements Recieve $10 off acupuncture Free Hydrotherapy $10 off nutritional counseling, massage, 4 session sauna package and more! Call and ask a staff member 708.771.3471


Acupuncture: Acupuncture can be beneficial for pain, digestive problems, stress and more. Acupuncture is also used for smoking cessation and weight loss. Kirk Moulton has been practicing acupuncture in Chicago for over 14 years.

How is acupuncture used?

The World Health Organization recognizes it for:

Migraines, headaches, low back pain, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, osteoarthritis,

Digestive conditions: ulcers, gastritis, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel or Crohn's

Urinary, menstrual and infertility problems

Respiratory disorders: bronchial asthma, sinusitis, sore throat, bronchitis

Stress! We believe that stress is behind most of the problems we see. Ask about our new drug free, needle free therapy.

Kirk Moulton Dipl., Ac., CA. "I want to share the success and blessings that I feel I have received by discovering this form of medicine. There may be no 'magic bullet', no herb or drug that can completely eradicate your condition. But no matter how severe your condition, you have an opportunity to change the course of your disease."

Contact the office to schedule. Mention this website and your first time Acupuncture appoinmtment is FREE!




Nanogreens 10 is a super greens food that supplements your diet with up to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Today, scientists better appreciate that dark greens, brightly colored fruits and vegetables are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but phytonutrients. Ongoing nutritional research has demonstrated that optimizing phytonutrient intake by eating 7 to 13 servings a day may:

* increase energy, naturally, without stimulants

* reduce appetite, improve metabolism, assist weight loss efforts

* restore regular elimination and assist digestion

* reduce inflammation, relieve stiff and achy joints and muscles

* lower risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke

* inhibit hardening of the arteries

* protect your vision from age related vision loss and blindness (ARMD)

* maintain strong bones

* support immune function and increase resistance to infections

* reduce allergy symptoms without drowsiness

* improve mental acuity and protect mind and memory

* detoxify toxic metals and chemicals

* help slow aging of the skin and dulling of the hair

To enjoy these benefits and protections the USDA just announced we Americans need to eat approximately 50 % more vegetables, 150% more fruit, 250% more orange and 350% more green vegetables every day. That's 7 to 13 servings a day! In spite of the governments best efforts, few American adults, and far fewer children, even eat the recommended minimum 5-a-Day!

A month's supply only cost $41.00, which is much more cost efficient then othe greens products. The research is out and Nanogreens 10 has the best antioxidant activity per cost compared to the following products:

(copy and paste web addresss to see results)

Call a staff member to reserve your Nanogreens 10 today!

Nutritional for Optimal Health Organization

Nutrition for Optimal Health Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to promote optimal health through nutrition and wellness education. Since 1972, NOHA has been on the cutting edge of nutrition education. NOHA has a vast legacy, including hosting nutrition presentations from such luminaries in the field as Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling, to name but one of hundreds of experts who have embraced NOHA's mission.

Dr. Reynes is on the NOHA Profesional Advisory Board, sharing NOHA's mission to provide nutritional education.

Please visit NOHA's website for a list of upcoming programs.


Dr. Reynes has a variety of wellness programs including: Weight Loss, Elevated Cholesterol, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome and Detoxification Programs.

These programs are focused on Holistic care including the use of lifestyle modification, nutritional guidance, exercise therapy, stress and relaxation techniques and nutritional supplementation.

Wellness patients will develop and a closely acquainted relationship with our Wellness Coach, who can provide you with the tools you need to make you quest toward good health a lifestyle change, not just another diet or training program.

Program cost is $399, which includes a $100 credit toward supplement purchase. The program lasts 6 weeks and includes 4 visits with the Wellness Coach.

Program follow-up is $99/month


DITI- (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography) is a non- invasive diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to visualise and quantify changes in skin surface temperature. An infrared scanning device is used to convert infrared radiation emitted from the skin surface into electircal impulses that are visualised in color on a monitor. This visual image graphically maps the body temperature and is referred to as a thermogram.

Today, breast cancer is a major health risk to all women. It silently grows and destroys uninterrupted for 10 years. Early detection and prevention is the key.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging takes a thermal picture to determine abnormalities or changes in the breast tissue. Thermography can detect irregular patterns years before a mammogram. Best of all, Thermal Imaging is painless, non-invasive, and has no radiation.

For the sake of ourselves, our mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends, we can beat this.

Early detection saves lives.

DITI's role in breast cancer and other breast disorders is to help in early detection and monitoring of abnormal physiology and the establishment of risk factors for the development or existence of disease. When used with other procedures, the best possible evaluation of breast health is made.

This 15 minute non-invasive test is a valuable procedure for alerting your GP or specialist to the possibility of underlying breast disease. This test is designed to improve chances for detecting fast-growing, active tumors in the intervals between mammographic screenings or when mammography is not indicated by screening guidelines for women under 50 years of age. All patient's thermograms (breast images) are kept on record and form a baseline for all future routine evaluations.

DITI is especially appropriate for younger women between 30 and 50 whose denser breast tissue makes it more difficult for mammography to pick up suspicious lesions. This test can provide a 'clinical marker' to the doctor or mammographer that a specific area of the breast needs particularly close examination. The faster a malignant tumor grows, the more infrared radiation it generates. For younger women in particular, results from DITI screening can lead to earlier detection and ultimately, longer life.



o Initial Screening- $225 for breast only

o Required Follow-up (3-4 months later)-$125.00

o Yearly Annual- $125

Pricing Options:

* Additional Area- $50+ depending on area

* Half body- $375

* Whole Body- $475 Please call a staff member to schedule now 708.771.3471

Understanding Vitamin D

The high rate of natural production of vitamin D3 cholecalciferol (pronounced koh·luh·kal·sif·uh·rawl) in the skin is the single most important fact every person should know about vitamin D?a fact that has profound implications for the natural human condition.

Technically not a "vitamin," vitamin D is in a class by itself. Its metabolic product, calcitriol, is actually a secosteroid hormone that targets over 2000 genes (about 10% of the human genome) in the human body. Current research has implicated vitamin D deficiency as a major factor in the pathology of at least 17 varieties of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, and more.

Vitamin D's influence on key biological functions vital to one's health and well-being mandates that vitamin D no longer be ignored by the health care industry nor by individuals striving to achieve and maintain a greater state of health.

Sunshine and Your Health

If well adults and adolescents regularly avoid sunlight exposure, research indicates a necessity to supplement with at least 5,000 units (IU) of vitamin D daily. To obtain this amount from milk one would need to consume 50 glasses. With a multivitamin more than 10 tablets would be necessary. Neither is advisable.

The skin produces approximately 10,000 IU vitamin D in response 20-30 minutes summer sun exposure-50 times more than the US government's recommendation of 200 IU per day!

In your next appointment ask Dr. Reynes about getting a Vitamin D 25(OH) test to determine your Vitamin D requirements.


Dr. Reynes uses a 3 Step Detoxification process, which is part of our 6 Week Wellness Program.

Our Detox program is unique in that we use specific products in the first phase of the detox to combat inflammation and clean the body of allergens. This is done by using an NF-Kappa B (the gene that causes pain) inhibiting supplement and specialized enzymes.

Step 2 uses metabolic cleansing to address toxic overload, harmful bacteria, heavy metal toxicity and leaky gut.

Step 3 is the regeneration and repair stage, which addresses cell malnourishment and joint repair.

All subsequent program components consist of additional dietary, exercise, stress reduction techniques, breathing exercises and additional guidelines for optimal detoxification.


Wellness Essentials is a combination of popular Metagenics products conveniently packaged together in single-serving packets for enhanced compliance and ease of use. By providing formulas that target specific functional areas, Wellness Essentials offers an excellent way to help your patients eliminate the guesswork and confusion regarding daily foundation nutrition.

Wellness Essentials Products:

* Wellness Essentials Original

* Wellness Essentials for Women

* Wellness Essentials for Men

* Wellness Essentials Blood Sugar Support

* Wellness Essentials Joint Focus

* Wellness Essentials Pregnancy


Integrative Therapies will host a Spooktacular Halloween Blood Drive.

Save a life and donate blood.

Saturday, October 31st, 2009


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